April 2023

Less Than 1% of Agents Are Power Agents

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6 Family-Friendly Ways to
Volunteer In Your Community

Volunteering your time and energy to help benefit your community is a great way to give back. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for everyone in the family to learn valuable skills and build relationships.

1) Participate in Local Charities and Fundraisers – Many organizations host annual fundraisers as a way of raising money for their operations and programs. From car washes and bake sales to silent auctions and 5K races, there are all kinds of events that need volunteers.
2) Clean Up Your Neighborhood – Grab some work gloves, trash bags, and brooms, and spend a few hours cleaning up your neighborhood streets or parks. This is a great way to teach kids about taking care of their environment while also engaging with other members of the community who may be helping out as well.
3) Serve Meals at Soup Kitchens – Another great way to educate kids on how fortunate they are is by having them serve meals at soup kitchens or food banks. Most places will welcome the extra help, and it’s a great opportunity for families to bond while doing something good for those less fortunate than themselves.
4) Visit Nursing Homes – Spending time with elderly people is a wonderful experience that teaches children compassion, patience, respect, and understanding—all qualities that will be beneficial throughout their lives.
5) Help out at Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations – Animal shelters are constantly looking for extra help with walking dogs, cleaning cages, bathing animals, etc., so if your family loves animals, this could be an ideal activity for you!
6) Donate Items from Around the House that You Don’t Need Anymore -Donate old clothes, books, toys, etc.. Lots of charities accept donations like these, which are then given away to people who really need them, especially during times when natural disasters strike.

Other Ways to help out and make a difference in the lives of others …

  • Tutor younger students. If you have older children, they can help out younger students who may be struggling with their schoolwork. This is a great way to help them develop their own academic skills.
  • Help out at the library. If you have younger children, they can help out at the library by reading stories to younger children or helping with other tasks. This is a great way to help them develop their own reading skills.

Did You Know …


… that the first story of a rabbit (which will be later known as the “Easter Bunny”) laying eggs in a garden was published in 1680.

Top 10 Weird (but Awesome) Gardening Hacks

1. Place the handle of plastic forks into the ground around your plants with the prongs up to scare away animals.

2. Use packing peanuts in the bottoms of your planters and pots to help with drainage without adding any weight.

3. Glue pennies (no spaces) to the rims of your pots to prevent slugs and snails from going in. (TIP: pennies made before 1982 have more copper).

4. Use crushed eggshells in your soil and use water from making hardboiled eggs to water with, giving your plants a calcium-rich treat.

5. Shave scented bars of soap (i.e., Irish Spring) around your plants to keep the deer away, as they dislike the smell.

6. Sprinkle cinnamon (naturally anti-microbial) in soil to treat and prevent mold from forming.

7. Place diapers in the bottom of plant pots to keep the plant moist for longer and reduce topsoil.

8. Bury a container in the soil so the rim is ground level, then fill it with beer to attract (and drown) slugs and snails, who are attracted to the scent.

9. Recycle old wine or beer bottles to use as slow-watering vessels for plants. Fill with water and turn upside down, sticking the neck into the soil.

10. Prevent creeping and spreading plants from wandering too far by planting them in a container, then burying the container in the ground.


Bonus Hack

Grow a rose bush in a potato. Simply cut a potato in half and remove the center. Cut a small hole in the top of each potato half and insert a rose cutting. Fill the potato halves with water and keep them in a warm, sunny spot. In a few weeks, your rose bush will start to grow!


Fun Fact …


… In 1953, it took 27 hours to create one PEEPS Marshmallow Chick. The same process takes six minutes today.

Myrtle Beach Area Real Estate Market Conditions

In its continued effort to curb inflation, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate in February by a quarter-percentage point to 4.50% – 4.75%, its 8th rate hike since March of last year, when the interest rate was nearly zero. Mortgage interest rates have dropped slightly from their recent peak and are currently hovering around 7.0% for borrowers with excellent credit. 

Pending sales increased 8.1% month-to-month, but affordability constraints continue to limit home buyer activity.

Existing home sales declined for the twelfth consecutive month.

Closed Sales decreased 17.0% for single-family homes and 35.1% for condos.

Pending Sales decreased 1.8% for single-family homes and 24.0% percent for condos.

The Median Sales Price was up 5.8%  to $359,000 for single-family homes and 9.9%  to $223,000 for condos.

Days on Market increased 20.3% for single-family homes and 12.8% for condos.

Inventory increased 82.2% for single-family homes and 142.3%  for condos.

Months Supply of Inventory increased 138.5% for single-family homes to 3.1 months and 242.9% for condos to 2.4 months

Percent of List Priced Received was 97.4% for single-family homes and 96.6% for condos

With demand down, home price increases have slowed but the average and median price remains up from a year ago. Sellers and builders have been lowering prices and offering sales incentives in an attempt to attract buyers.

More homes on the market and longer sales cycles is leading to more opportunities for buyers. We are no longer in a “Sellers” market. However, affordability remains the biggest challenge to buyers facing higher mortgage payments. Sales activity is expected to remain slow heading into spring.

Current as of March 13, 2023.

All data comes from the Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service. Provided by South Carolina REALTORS®.

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Less Than 1% of Agents Are Power Agents

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