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Kingston Park is located on the corner of Main Street and Fourth Avenue in Conway SC.

The park underwent extensive renovations in 2019. As a result, the once unimpressive green space in downtown Conway has been transformed into a beautiful park.

The centerpiece of the park is “The Train Mural” which takes you back to the late 1800’s when the train ran right down main Street. The mural was painted by Tommy Simpson. Tommy is the same artist who painted the “F.G. Burroughs Riverboat” mural at Third and Main as well as other murals in Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach

The mural is painted on the wall of the “Rivertown Roasters” building. Rivertown Roasters on Main is a specialty coffee shop serving fresh brewed coffees, espressos, and brunch. They also package fresh roasted and ground coffee from around the world so you can enjoy that “fresh roasted” flavor at home.

The park features a topiary centerpiece, a knee wall that’s perfect for people to sit on, an iron-works arched entry, and a “live oak” fountain. There’s also a little bronze rabbit that lends a touch of whimsy to the overall aesthetics.

The next time you are in Conway, stop by Rivertown Roasters, grab a cup of coffee or some lunch and spend some time in this beautiful little downtown park.

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