What is a POWER AGENT®?

In essence, a real estate professional who personifies the culture and commitment of serving, not selling. Of coaching, not closing. Of giving more than taking. A POWER AGENT® is part of a wide network of like-minded professionals who want to take their businesses to their personal NEXT LEVEL® by bringing their best selves, skills, mindsets, and potential to the communities they serve. Always kind, fair, considerate, and compassionate.

The POWER AGENT® logo and title sets us apart from our competitors. Just as a consumer might choose a CPA over an accountant because those credentials represent a higher level of training, skills, and service – the same is true for us as a Power Agent®. It showcases our commitment and investment into offering next level service to our clients.

A POWER AGENT® is a member of an exclusive program of dedicated professionals (less than 1% of agents across North America) committed to helping buyers and sellers get to their next level in life.

Together we’re better. We come together each week to help one another problem-solve, skill-build, and grow as real estate pros and as people on our coaching calls and in our webinar training. In our Facebook Group, we support each other, care about each other, and work together to overcome the obstacles and celebrate the wins.

Our POWER AGENT® Community is grounded in professionalism and curated with kindness. You’ll find individuals from all over North America who are happy to network, share referrals, ideas, insights, strategies, and support. It’s a safe space to work through questions and challenges and deliver virtual high-fives when goals are hit, barriers broken, and breakdowns become breakthroughs.


‘POWER AGENT’ Code of Ethics

Article 1 Integrity

In the first published Webster Dictionary of 1828,one of the definitions of Integrity read:

“The entire, unimpaired state of anything, particularly of the mind; moral soundness or purity; incorruptness; uprightness; honesty. Integrity comprehends the whole moral character but has a special reference to uprightness in mutual dealings, transfers of property, and agencies for others.”

In other words, our industry was part of the original definition of Integrity. It’s incumbent upon POWER AGENTS® to always bring that to our profession.

Integrity is also defined as always keeping your word. If a POWER AGENT® should make a mistake, they will take ownership in the error and quickly do what they can to make amends.

Article 2 – Representation

A POWER AGENT® has an obligation to oneself and to the entire POWER AGENT® Membership to represent oneself truthfully, professionally, and in a non-misleading manner. The POWER AGENT® member shall be honest and accurate in presenting qualifications and experience in the member’s communication with others.

The POWER AGENT® member understands that all material afforded them, including the POWER AGENT® designation, are for their full and unrestricted use as long as they are a POWER AGENT® Member and will never misrepresent themselves.

Article 3 – Professionalism

The POWER AGENT® member shall operate his/her business in a most professional and ethical manner so as neither to offend nor bring discredit themselves, the real estate industry, one’s fellow POWER AGENT® members.

Article 4 – Business Practices

The POWER AGENT® member is obligated to maintain a high level of ethical standards and practices in order to assist in protecting the public against fraud or any unfair practice in the real estate proession and shall attempt to eliminate from the profession all practices that could bring discredit to the real estate profession. If we should discover wrong in our industry, a POWER AGENT® will stand up and take whatever action they are able to in order to raise the professionalism of our industry.

Article 5 – Respect & Collegiality

The POWER AGENT® member shall maintain a collegial relationship with fellow members that is based on respect, professional courtesy, dignity, and the highest ethical standards. They will subscribe to all marketing best practices and promote themselves with integrity.

Article 6 – Confidentiality

The POWER AGENT® member shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business or personal affairs of clients, agents, and colleagues.

Article 7 Core Principles

The POWER AGENT® member shall subscribe to the core principles that we coach, not close. That we serve, not sell. This means that in every interaction with both clients and prospects, we put the well-being and best interests of others first. We conduct ourselves from a place of authenticity and character. As POWER AGENT® we get to our Next Level ® by serving and helping others to get their Next Level®.

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