Homes For Sale In Myrtle Beach With Possible Owner Financing

Myrtle Beach Owner Financing

Homes and Condos For Sale with Owner Financing

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Owner financing is offered on select Myrtle Beach area homes and condos for qualified buyers. Terms, conditions, and qualifications may vary and are subject to each individual owner’s discretion. Most owner’s offering financing or a lease option will require a significant down payment!

How to Buy A Home with Owner Financing

If you are unable to obtain a conventional mortgage, owner financing or a lease option may be a good way for you to acquire a home or an investment property if …

  • You can make a significant down payment or deposit, Usually 20% but could be more.
  • You have a reliable, verifiable income sufficient to cover a reasonable principal and interest payment or monthly lease payment
  • You can demonstrate good character and personal responsibility

Most owners will require a background check, copies of income tax returns, business income statements or other documents to prove your good character and commitment.

The type of financing offered (if any), terms, conditions, and buyer qualifications are subject strictly to the owners discretion.

Do not expect an owner to provide financing unless you are a serious, committed buyer or investor with the financial resources to cover the upfront and recurring costs.

Always seek expert advice from qualified legal and financial professionals before agreeing to an owner’s financing terms and conditions.



Featured Listings with Possible Owner Financing